3 Email Marketing Best Practices For $100 Days


Your business online requires a few simple email marketing best practices to make sure you’re staying in front of your audience.

If $100 days is what you’re after, then a few simple email marketing best practices are required to make sure you are in profit.

email marketing best practices

The first of the email marketing best practices is to make sure you are attracting the right, targeted audience.

If your list is filled with people who either don’t know you, or don’t care about your solution. Then your email marketing is not going to work.

If you have a fitness product you want to promote, but you’re attracting people who are interested in making money online. Well the email marketing best practices is not going to work.

So one shift is to get the right people on your email list, who are interested in what you have to offer.

Sounds simple, but I see so many who don’t care about the traffic they get, and then fill their email list with bunch of people who are not interested.

The next email marketing best practices is to make sure you have a great landing page that solves ONE problem.

Yes ONE problem.

If you have a lead magnet that offers 37 ways to lose weight this week, and you are scratching your head why people are not responding to your message.

Because they’re is way to much info.

But if your lead magnet said “ONE quick food” you can eliminate to guarantee you get six pack abs. Now that is an offer that people could not pass up.

To make sure your email marketing best practices works is to make sure you give away something that is quick, and can be consumed in under 5 minutes.

People don’t have time to sit through an hour long training if they don’t know you. And they will really not want to read 37 things to do.

So keep it short and sweet when you’re offering up something of value in exchange for an email address.

And the last email marketing best practices is to make sure you’re following up with your list DAILY.

If you are sending messages once a week, or even once a month. People will forget you, and when you do finally email them, they may think it’s spam.

Daily email is required with your email marketing best practices.

Now you might get stuck here and think, “what am I going to mail each day”.

And the short answer is anything about Your Life!

What did you do today, what happened yesterday. What amazing thing is going on in your life. What childhood challenge did you overcome.

You have endless amounts of content you can send out each day. Just don’t let your list go to long without contact. Or they will forget you.

The email marketing best practices is to train your list to see your emails coming each day.

You then stay relevant and in their minds everyday.

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