Episode39 – Best advice for someone with no computer skills to build a business online?

Building a solid long term biz online will require some simple computer skills. But you can make money without any skills.

And I do recommend to all my first time students to find a affiliate product and promote it. This will give you the basic knowledge on traffic generation.

You can get traffic from almost an endless amounts of places online. So when you do find a good traffic source you can send it to an affiliate offer.

The only computer skills you will need is to setup an account at these traffic sources.

If you can type your name and address. Then you can do affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can be good for short term, but eventually you will have to learn some other basic skills to help you move forward.

Nothing big, things like setting up a domain, installing wordpress, and uploading plugins.

So if you are in this for the long term success, then you will have to learn some basic skills

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