Episode22 – Can I market on Craigslist?

Craigslist can be a great place to market, but the old days of creating 1,000’s of ads is.. well in the old days.

Yes back many years ago one could blast craigslist and set up ads all over the world in different cities. It was a glorious time.

But they have gotten smart to all the marketing tricks, and they should.

So how can you use craigslist?

Use it to get the attention of all the local businesses. All business need more leads. A dentist needs leads, plumbers need leads, doctors need leads, fitness center needs leads.

You, with your knowledge of the internet and how to generate leads online can post an ad letting these businesses know you can help them.

Your ad should be “Looking for More Leads?, Let me help you setup a system to generate daily leads. 1 hour FREE phone consultation”

Then when you get interest get on the phone and find out if you can help them.

Ask questions and seek out if your services will help them.

You’re not limited to just your local area. You can post to other areas. Even in a different state. You just can’t plast 100 ads all at the same time.

Take your time and set up a few ads in different local areas. You will be surprised at the interest you can gain from a simple craigslist ad.

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