Episode32 – Do I need a film studio to do video marketing?

Well when I watch a video and it looks like it was created using a file studio, I’m expecting to see a very high quality video. And most of the time I get let down.

My guess is you are not trying to win an award, or get a job as a film producer anytime soon.

So you are a marketer and people want to see and hear from you. That means you put your smartphone on a tripod, hit record, and start talking.

Do this in your house, outside, in your car, at the beach. What ever location you are in at the time.

When you do this, your videos look more authentic and that is what people want to watch.

And for “the love of marshmallows” Do Not put your best suit or dress on and make a video. It makes you look like a salesman.

Do you want to look like a used car salesman? If not then do your videos in the same t-shirt you have been wearing for the past 3 days.

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