Get More Strategy Sessions Every Month Wth This Simple Secret

If you want more coaching clients you need to get more strategy sessions (or discovery calls).

If you don’t – you’re going to end up networking, and working with crazy people simply cause they have money to give you…

And that sucks!!

I’ve been getting clients online since the summer of 1997…

Yes – 1997 – NOT 2017…


And I can promise you one thing – You CAN’T scale your coaching business with referrals and networking events…

Heck – even free traffic is going to keep you where you are.

Sure – having all those things coming your way and getting clients from them is great BUT very few coaches make it past $5k or $10k a month with those strategies.

And that is okay if that is your goal BUT $10k a month now days is not enough!

When you factor in your lifestyle, travel, maybe some kids going to college soon, some investing into yourself and your business plus a few bucks for tax — $10k a month starts to look pretty small.

(That does not even include funding your retirement account.)

And in my decade plus years of doing this I can tell you that the ONLY strategic way to push through that barrier is to start booking strategy sessions from paid traffic NOW!

You can’t wait…

If you are relying on your referral partners to send you clients – that’s like putting your business and families future in someone else’s hands..

On an average month I get about 100 strategy session applications from coaching who want to talk about how I can help them get more clients.

Crazy thing is – I could easily increase that to 300 strategy sessions a month just by increasing my traffic budget…

AND I only ever talk to about 32 people a month. (8 per week)

How would you like to have that problem in your coaching business?

Getting 3 to 4 times as many people reaching out to you every month then you can talk to?

Well it is not that complicated…

Think about it for a second – I am in literally one of the most competitive markets online and I am still getting 100+ apps a month without even maxing out my traffic…

So what is your excuse?

It’s not that hard to get one or two apps a day if you just put the system in place and work it.

Best of all – ITS AUTOMATED…

I’m not going out networking and joining endless amounts of free groups on Facebook so I can post content and hope people reach out to me and want my coaching.

And you should not be doing that or anything remotely related to that.

You have to remember this one simple thing:

Everything you are doing NOW is keeping you exactly where you are…

That’s great you are making $5k to $10k a month (or whatever it is) by doing manual labor client generation..

But it is the EXACT THING that is holding you back from making $20k (plus) a month… It’s like that quote says – “You can’t get to the next level with the same thinking that got you to this level.”

So if you are ready to start booking MORE strategy sessions onto your calendar with prospective clients who can’t WAIT to work with you – lets fix this FAST…

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