Episode43 – How do you get people excited about your products or company?

For many years I would struggle at both Network Marketing and selling products. Why? because I really didn’t believe in the products and myself.

First off, I didn’t care about the products. I just wanted to make money. I will sell anything, right? No wrong, that was my first mistake.

If the product you are trying to sell or get people excited about sucks, and you know it. Well then it’s hard to get people excited about it.

My second and biggest mistake was my mindset. I just didn’t believe in myself. Sure I wanted to make money, actually I just wanted to make an extra $300 per month.

But that thinking is what keeps so many in the broke, struggling category, including myself at one time.

If you have the mindset of “I just want to make some extra money”. Its self serving. Meaning it’s all about you. And when you are in business for yourself, it’s not about you. It’s about the people who you can solve problems for.

So to get people excited about your products and company, you have to start thinking about what can I do for someone else. When you do this, your excitement goes up and your believe in yourself skyrockets.

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