Episode29 – How to get people who clicked on my lead page to optin?

Most of the people who are online that are marketing products are always looking for way to generate more traffic. And I get it, but the real question is…

How can I convert the traffic.

Converting the traffic is way more important. Getting traffic is the easy part. Why? Because there is so much of it. You can buy it, or try and get free traffic.

Either way you get traffic. It’s important that the traffic be highly targeted. That way you get the best chance to get a conversion.

So when someone comes to your optin form. How are you going to get them to optin?

If the traffic is highly targeted its simple.

Offer something of value in return for their email. This can be a free report, or a free training video. Both will work, but you must offer something of value.

Never take an email and then give nothing in return. Collect an email and then send the free product.

If your Free offer is good enough, then you will not have any problem getting people to optin.

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