Episode44 – I have over 3,000 leads but no sales yet, what can I do?

That is a lot of leads without any sales. And I can only come to a few conclusions based on that question.

Either your traffic sucks, you sales funnel sucks, or your products really sucks.

Usually when I don’t get sales from a list, it’s because the traffic sucks. And always because the traffic was not targeted.

If you are promoting to people looking for business opportunities and you have a list of people interested in weight loss. Then you’re promoting the wrong product to the wrong list.

Your funnel could be bad. Look at how your marketing, are you taking people through a series of upsells? And are you starting off with a very low ticket offer?

Any new cold prospect to your list will not buy your $1,000 coaching program. But they will buy your $7 ebook.

So look at both the product you are selling and the funnel you promote the product.

The list you build has to be highly targeted. Meaning they need to want what it is your offering. Weight loss people want pills, and workouts. Biz Opp people want systems to make them money.

Find a targeted list, with the right funnel and product. And then you will start to see sales from your list.

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