Episode47 – If I was to promote one product what would it be?

Just one, no way. It can’t be done. Well ok, I will find one for you.

Let me break it down for you like this. You will always be able to have the most success with your own product, and a product that is a high ticket offer.

Ok so I promote lots of products from my JV partners and friends. But when I have the most success is when I create my own products.

When I create my own products I’m the only one that has it. When I promote affiliate offers I’m competing with other people.

So I would rather dominate then have any competition. That is why I will always say to create your own products and promote them. If you only have one product, great promote it.

Also the one product you should promote, should be a high ticket offer. $997 or above. If you have a great product, and the value is there, then you will not have a problem promoting your high ticket offer.

Something in the high ticket range could be a one on coaching, 4 week training, access to your email or skype. Anything that is of high value, you can put a high ticket price on it.

Ok the one product should be your own, and something with tons of value you can price over $997.

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