Is Mining Max A Scam Or Legit Business? Mining Max Review

Mining Max review


Is Mining Max A Scam Or Legit Business? Mining Max Review, Get The Facts Here Let’s Take A Look

Hi there, and welcome to my Mining Max Review!

Right now we see so so much hype and buzz on social media and I wanted to take a look at this company

Some say its the best thing going right now, but other say it’s one big scam. I want to cut through the hype and get into real details.

I would like to go to the company, the products, the compensation plan, and exactly how you make money.

Let’s see if this really is a legit business or just one big scam.

Mining Max Review – The Company Details

The website ( was registered privately in September 1016 and that means we can really look up who actually runs or operates the website.

From the youtube channel Mining, Max Daniel Park is claiming to the be Founder and Chairman of the company.

On the website, we see a Nevada corporate address, and a California company incorporation.

So really it’s unclear if this website is inside the USA or not.

But ranking shows most of the traffic is coming from South Korea.

When ever I see a company that is not open about who runs or operates it, I always think real hard.  “Do I want to put my money into this?”  The same should be for you also.

Mining Max Review – The Company Products

Mining Max does not have a single product you can retail for profits.  All there is a membership one can promote to gain newly recruited members.

Mining Max Review – The Company Compensation Plan

One can invest $3200 with a promised daily return paid out over the course of 2 years.   Once you get a new affiliate on board you are rewarded with a $200 bonus.

Residual commissions are paid out over a binary system.  One only has to build 2 legs in the company compensation plan.

How much a Mining Max affiliate can earn each day in binary commissions is determined by how much they have themselves invested:

invest $3200 and earn a maximum $500 a day
invest $9600 and earn a maximum $1500 a day
invest $16,000 and earn a maximum $3000 a day
invest $22,400 and earn a maximum $5000 a day
invest $32,000 or more and earn a maximum $10,000 a day
Matched $3200 investments are flushed on both sides of the binary team, with unmatched amounts on the stronger side carried over.

A Matching bonus is paid out on the binary commissions that are put into a uni-level compensation plan.

How many uni levels a Mining Max affiliate is qualified to earn on is again determined by how much they have invested:

invest $3200 and earn a 5% Matching Bonus across two levels
invest $9600 and earn a 5% Matching Bonus across four levels
invest $16,000 and earn a 5% Matching Bonus across six levels
invest $22,400 and earn a 5% Matching Bonus across eight levels
invest $32,000 or more and earn a 5% Matching Bonus across ten levels

Also paid into the uni level is a mining bonus

To qualify for the Mining Bonus, an affiliate must invest $9600.

An affiliate can also generate two new positions within their uni level team to earn additional Mining Bonus from.

invest $16,000 and receive a second uni-level position
invest $32,000 and receive a third uni-level position

What does it cost to get started with Mining Max?

To get started one has to invest $2300 into the Mining Max affiliate membership every two years.

One can also invest $32,000 and be a full participant.

Mining Max Reviews – My Final Thoughts on Mining Max

First, off the company claims to be mining for cryptocurrency but there is NO proof of the actual mining.

Anyone can put a website together and say, “Yes we are mining”

But with no proof then its just another Ponzi scheme that will run out of money and new affiliates quickly.

Also, the company is based in the USA and is an unregistered licensed operation offering securities.

The SEC in the is not a big fan of that.

So once the SEC gets wind of this, it’s close down time and all the money invested will be gone.

I can’t recommend this company because I can’t see who is running it, and they don’t give any proof of real mining.

The only thing I see is money coming in from people investing, and mining max paying out old affiliates with new money.

That is a Ponzi scheme and will not last long.  Sure the first few months might be exciting, but after a few months the website will close down and take all the invested money.

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