Episode24 – My website traffic dropped suddenly what should I do?

Back a few years this same thing happened to me and Its not the best feeling in the world. In fact it downright sucks.

If you are buying traffic then you know exactly why the traffic dropped. You didnt buy any traffic that week.

If you are only trying to get free traffic from search engiens then the first place I would look is your stats. Im sure you are using google analytics so check there first.

The next place to look and the one place that is most likely the issue is your SEO ranks.

Are you links still in the search engines?

Have you dropped off from the first page?

A sudden drop in traffic is usually because google moved your links on specific keywords from page one to page 10. And if you get bummed off page one, then don’t count on much traffic to come your way.

I know it hurts. But trying to figure out what google is doing is not the best way to spend your time online. Work your content and stop trying to rank for keywords. Google is way too smart these days and will pickup on any funny business.

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