Episode40 – What is the best software to build a list?

Ah yes, the old software debate, mine is the best, yours is the best, his is the best.

The debate goes on.

When I started on the internet in 1997 there was no tools, no software, a hosting account is all you could get.

Now in 2015 there really are some great tools to build a list online. Leadpages, clickfunnels, optimizepress, instabuilder, power lead system. These are just a few.

I used to really push one software tool over the next, but now I just tell people. “Use what software works the best for you”

We are all different in our technical skill level. Some programs cost more, but are easier to work with. Some are hard to work with, but cost less.

The bottom line, and goal is to put emails or people onto your list. How you do that does not matter. Whatever you can figure out and get something up.

What I can say is don’t spend too much time playing with it. You want speed, and getting something up now, and building a list now, is the best option out of them all.

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