Episode38 – What is the fastest way to grow a list?

So you want to build a list. And not just any list. You should be building an email list.

A facebook, twitter, instagram list is not a real list. Why? because they limit the reach. Facebook may only show your post to 5% of your list.

With an email list you can reach 100%.

So then what is the fastest way to build a list? Have someone else who has a list mail for you.

Its called solo ads and they are the best. Search on facebook inside groups for “SoloAd Testimonials”. That will be the best place to find good people with good lists.

You will have to pay for this, but it’s the best bang for your buck. As an example, if you spend $40 on a 100 clicks solo. Expect to get around 35 people to optin to your capture page.

So you could add 30-40 new people to your list a day just from having others mail for you.

Don’t expect to see this kind of grow with PPC. Solo ads are by far the easiest and quickest way to build up a big email marketing list.

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