Episode35 – When should I do my first live event?

Usually when people are talking about doing a live event it would be a seminar or training at a hotel. And that may work. If you are new that will not work.

So webinar is the live event you should be doing and the question is when to start.

Start Today!!

Yes, doing a live event is fun and very rewarding. And I know what is going through your mind. “But what do I teach, or what do I do”?

Live events online can be either using a software like gotomeeting or using google hangouts. If you are new then google hangout is a great place to start.

But you have to just start one. And I mean fast.

Get your feet wet with google hangout and learn how to present on a live event. Then when you are doing well, and making some money. Put it into the software gotomeeting.

Your live event should be 45 minutes with you teaching something for 30 minutes and then spending the next 15 talking about a product you have to offer.

Always offer a product at the end. After all you just spent 30 minutes of your time giving away free information.

So start your live event today.

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