Episode34 – Where do you personally get your traffic from?

Traffic, traffic, traffic, we all want it, but not everyone can master the art of getting it. Including myself.

But I learned years ago and trying get free traffic is not the way to go. Paid traffic is the only way you can get ahead.

And my favorite traffic source is going to be email traffic. The traffic that I generate with my own list and the traffic I generate with others people’s email list.

You may have heard the name solo ads. It’s the quickest way to get traffic to anything you are promoting.

Now I pay for traffic on Google and Bing’s search engines. But that is art and it takes learning. Solo ads are quick and I always recommend them to my students.

Its quick, it works, and I dont have to spend a of time trying to generate it. I pay a one time fee and I can have 1,000 clicks coming into my lead capture page in less than an hour.

Give it a try, you will like it.

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