$100 A Day Facebook Ad Formula

Before you jump in to the facebook ad game know that if you are not careful with what you do, you can lose money.

Facebook is in the business of making money, and facebook ads is there atm machine.

They also do alot to help advertisers be successful.

Because if you are making money on facebook ads, they make more.

So how do you make sure you can make $100 a day with facebook ads?

You backend funnel will determine your success or failure.

If you send your ads to a $7 report and that is it.

Your going to fail.

But if you send to a $7 ebook, and have a $297 offer on the back end.

Well that is when things start to get fun.

Think about this for a minute.   To make $100 a day, all you have to do is make $100 profit on your funnel.

So how much can you spend per day to make $100?

It depends on your funnel.

The lifetime value of your customers

And depends on your tolerance to keep your ads going when your losing money.

When you run your facebook ads, watch the Cost per Lead, and Cost per Purchase,

These are the numbers that will tell you if you can spend more or stop and ad.

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