100 leads a day with this simple email marketing hack

If you not building a list then GET TO IT!!

Ok so here is the most important part about building list.

The backend funnel.

Your goal is to build a list for free, and the way that is done is to build out a funnel on the back end that will give you some money to recover your ad spend.

So getting 100 leads a day is quit simple.  But it requires discipline.

Here ya go.

Setup a landing page all about Affiliate Marketing,

Give away a free report or training on Affiliate Marketing,

Offer an upsell for $7 on Affiliate Marketing

Then run ads from facebook targeting… You guess it Affiliate Marketing

This builds your list all around people who are interested in Affiliate marketing,

But once they are on your list you can mail out all kinds of related offers.

Facebook marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.

But its your first funnel that makes all the difference in the world.

Make it flow, and then reinvest ALL your funnel profits in buying more traffic.

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