$100/Day Google Adsense Income With 10,000 Visitors?


Recently someone reached out and asked me..

“Tyler, I’m getting 10,000 visitors to my website but only making $100 a day, how can I make more money”

Well, it’s a great problem to have. Congratulations you have built a nice passive income stream.

But let’s talk about some ways to really increase your income with 10,000 visitors.

Making $100 a day with google adsense is a really amazing number to achieve. Because google adsense does not let people make that much money.

What I’m trying to say is there are so many better ways to make money with your website traffic then just google adsense.

And so I want to give you 3 ways to make more money with your website visitors.

1. Gearbubble

My friend that reached out to me is in the fitness niche so gearbubble is going to be a great way to make extra money. Is a place to create t-shirts, mugs, and other stuff to sell.

Any niche you are in people love quotes. So in the fitness niche, quotes to help people stay motivated is huge.

Find some really cool quotes using google and add them to stuff on gearbubble. Then post banners on your website, or add links inside your content.

When someone buys a t-shirts, or mug, gearbubble will print it, and ship it out. Then send you a check for your sales. This will add another $100 a day on top of your google adsense income.

2. Email Submit Offers

CPA offers, or Cost Per Action will add another $100 a day to your website. We will continue to use the fitness niche, and cpa networks always have email submit offers to give away fitness stuff exchange for an email.

Fitbit is really popular and most cpa networks will have this offer. When someone leaves your website with your cpa link, they are sent to a page that offers a FREE fitbit in exchange for an email. The cpa network will then give you between $1.10 and $2.50 per email.

And let me tell ya with 10,000 visitors to your website these add up quickly. Just place banners on your website with your cpa affiliate link and watch the cash roll in.

3. Collect emails.

Number 3 is by far the best way to increase your income from your website visitors. Collect emails and send related offers that will help your visitors.

One simple plugin to collect emails is optimizepress. It’s a simple tool that will create a lead capture page and connect it to your autoresponder.

Give away something of value in exchange for an email. Then follow up with your new leads with relevant offers.

Use clickbank.com, or offervault.com to find relevant offers you can mail to your new leads.

Collecting emails on your visitors from 10,000 per will increase your income to $500+ per day.

Ok so there ya go, 3 ways to help you increase your income beyond just Google Adsense.

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