$10k With 10 Minutes Of Work

Recently I went on a cruise to the caribbean. The ship left out of Miami Florida

The family and I were going to be stuck on a ship for 7 whole days. What can be worse then all you can eat, and all you can get sun.

Well for me I need to be in contact with the Internet daily. But on a ship the wifi is terrible.

I mean snail pace slow.

The wifi in the rooms would connect, but would take 30 seconds just to load a page.

So every morning I had to go into the business center and use their computers. The wifi was just a little better, but not much.

All I really needed to do was get an email out to my list.

Yes I know, I should have just set them up before. But I got lazy and didn’t do it.

I figured this billion dollar ship could have a decent wifi.

So anyways I could only spend 10 minutes a day and that is all I needed.

The only thing I needed to do each morning was login, put together an email and send it out.

And that is about all I could do. Watch videos, or do any social media. No way.

But I still had to make money right?

I still had to pay for the trip somehow.

The great thing about email marketing is you can do it anywhere and at any time.

Your email list is the one traffic source you can always count on.

Whenever you need to make some money, just send out an email.

Whenever you need to inspire your followers, send out an email.

Whenever you need to talk to someone, send out an email.

It’s your therapy for the day. And it’s your one place to keep your business moving forward.

So that 10 minutes I spent each day sending out a quick email resulting in over $10k in sales for the week.

Not bad for only spending a few minutes in the morning, and on a crappy wifi.

Imagine what you could do with more time and a super fast wifi?

Well about the same. Email marketing works for any situation.

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