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11 Online Marketing Tools all Online Entrepeneurs must have to succeed

Millionaire Tool #1 - Domain Name

Every Million Dollar online business needs a domain name.  I mean what is google without google.com?   Name cheap will get you setup quickly with a cool domain.  

Register for free, search for a domain (yourname.com) or something that will represent your brand well. 

For only $10 per year you can have a presence online for your customers

Millionaire Tool #2 - Autoresponder

Have you heard that the "money is in the list"?   Its true it is... 

Your autoresponder is how you can reach people even when you are traveling and having fun with your family. 

Aweber very user friendly and is super inexpensive to run each month. 

Millionaire Tool #3 - Sales Machine

If you want to go with the old boaring blog then get wordpress and hosting, but if you want to have the "Mac Daddy" of online marketing funnels.  

Clickfunnels is the place to be.  Its super simple, anyone can build out a funnel quickly.    Optin Funnel, Membership Funnel, and Product Funnel, or even just a plain website.  Point your domain to clickfunnels and your online ready to go. 

Millionaire Tool #4 - Sales Tracking

Tracking conversion from traffic is the most important part of your business.  Without tracking you are marketing "Blind" 

Clickmagick will let you zero in on exactly what is converting from all your ads, and other traffic sources. ​

Millionaire Tool #5 - Personal Email

Gmail is way more than just an email service.  Its your gateway into all other cool apps that google gives away for free. 

What sets gmail apart from everyone else is there ability to filter out all the crap that should not be in your inbox.  Leaving a nice clean email experience. 

Millionaire Tool #6 - Social Media Master

Have you ever wondered how all your favorite gurus seem to post on all there social media accounts all day long?  How do they have time for anything else?

Buffer is the magic that lets you post on social media, but not actually post.   You can take 30 days of content, videos or blogs, and post it over and over.  This makes you look like you are social media wizard.   

Millionaire Tool #7 - Website Analytics

Knowing sales conversions is one thing.  But getting a birds eye view of what is going on with your entire sales funnels website is what google anylitcs helps with. 

You can see where all the traffic is coming from.   This will let you focus all your marketing on what is actually working.   See what websites are sending you the most traffic and the ones that are not. 

Millionaire Tool #8 - Cloud Storage

Your daily task will use one of these amazing tools from google drive. 

Docs, Sheets, Slides are just a few of the many free tools that google offers.  

Since you have a gmail account you can work and store all your data in the cloud. 

Millionaire Tool #9 - Keyword Tool

Everyday 60 million searches happen on google.  That means millions of people are searching for stuff.  

Google gives away Everything when it comes to the search data.   That means you can find out what keywords are hot and what are not. 

You then create content around the keywords and watch free traffic roll in. 

Millionaire Tool #10 - Graphic Design

If you want to create amazing looking graphics for your website, and social media canva is the place to be. 

No need to become a graphic designer.  Canva has templates ready to go.  Just change out the text and you have an amazing looking piece of art work online.

I use this for my facebook header, youtube thumbnails,  twitter header, youtube channel art, and all my facebook ad images. 

Millionaire Tool #11 - Secret Weapon

The real success with any business is finding problems people have and creating products or services as a solution. 

But sometimes its hard to know what problems people have.   Quara is my secret weapon when it comes to finding problems that I can solve. 

This website has tons of questions from all niches.  Just search and see what you can solve. 


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