2 Tricks To Grow Your Facebook Marketing Quickly

As an online marketer we use social media, and facebook for one thing. That is to get our message out about our products or services.

Years ago it was fanpages that could draw in all the attention.

But they closed down that traffic source to get the admins to buy advertising, and it worked.

Yet something happened, all the marketers moved off the fanpages and onto their personal page.

At first I thought this will not work, but after a year or two I can see that your personal page has become the fanpage of old.

I’m not sure facebook admins are real happy about it, but they created that.

Online marketers like us are not going to just quit and do something else, we adapt to what is tossed out at us.

I used to think the personal page would not work because you max out at 5,000 friends. But that doesn’t stop people from following you.

And the ones following you are the same people who liked your fanpage from before.

So actually nothing has changed.

Facebook forced people to either pay or get no organic traffic, or the marketers just changed how they market.

Your personal page is the place to attract the people you want.

If you are fresh, with no a lot of friends, or if your personal page is filled with all your high school friends.

Then I suggest 2 things.

First you could delete out all your friends and start over.

Or you could start a whole new personal facebook account.

Why would you want to do that?

Because you only want friends, and people following you that would be of interest to your products or services.

Ok you might ask, “well how to do I get friends who want my products or services”?

Simple, start joining groups that would be filled with your target audience.

Once inside the groups become active. Give value to the group and people will start to notice you.

Then everyday send a friend request to the people in that group.

Your personal facebook profile will start to grow with only those that would be interested in your offers.

Now you have a fanpage of old as your personal business page.

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