20 Leads A Day With This ONE Facebook Trick

One of the biggest internet real estate properties is Facebook.

Duh huh?

But did you know that one of the biggest facebook marketing trick no one knows about.

Your personal profile has an image on top.

And that image can be clicked to reveal description.

So inside the description is the place to put your link.

That link can go to your blog, or what is recommended is to your lead capture page.

The key to making it work is putting a call to action button on the image.

This will get people to  click on it to reveal your link.

Ok, you ask, how can I make a cool image on top?

Use an online service called canva.com

There you can click on the facebook cover template and design a clickable image.

All ya really have to do is take a fun looking photo,  may you on the beach, then add a click here for details button.

Once you do that you will see your traffic and lead count up.

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