25 New Leads A Day With Facebook Marketing (One Hack)


I was looking at a statistic the other day and saw that Facebook Marketing accounts for 80% of all business owners.

Wow, why would that be?

Well for one, the average person spends 40 minutes per day on Facebook.

Personally I think it’s way more, but still, that’s a big number.

What that means for us when using Facebook Marketing to build our list, is we have to be on Facebook getting our message out. facebook marketing

So I have been on facebook trying to market and get people on my email list since day one. I had good success marketing with myspace. But they fell off and now Facebook took over.

But Facebook marketing was not as simple as myspace.

For one Facebook limits your friends. With Myspace it was wide open. And I had one account over 100k friends. So I crushed it.

But myspace just couldn’t deal with all the marketers hammering their network, so Facebook took over.

What that means is I have tried every possible angle you can imagine with Facebook marketing. With many of my accounts getting banned.

But I keep on trying, and I have figure out a few things that work consistently.

The reason I know is that I tag and track just about all the links I put on Facebook. This gives me data so I can zero in on what is working, and what is not.

So ONE big Facebook marketing hack is to always put the link to your opt-in page inside every description of videos and photos you upload.

An opt-in page is just a place to offer something of value in exchange for an email address. It’s a must you always send the traffic off Facebook and onto your own email list.

Why your email list? Because you own it.

Facebook owns your friend’s list, you can’t take them with you, and if they close down your account, well you are done with Facebook marketing.

Your email list is the one thing you can always count on to bring in sales and convert people into your world.

And since the description of each photo and video lets you place a link to your opt-in page. Use it.

That goes for the header image on your personal profile page. Any image you place has to have a link to your opt-in.

When you do this, your leads will start to flow in every day without any effort.

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