3 Bulletproof Instagram Tips and Tricks To Grow More Followers

Ok, so you are looking for Instagram tips and tricks that can help you grow your Instagram followers quickly.

I know how frustrating it can be growing a channel. My Millionaire_Advisor channel was a slow process to get over 100k, but it was well worth it.

If your business needs more leads for your products or service. Instagram is one of the best places to get new leads.

But it takes time to build up a following of people who are interested in what you post on your Instagram wall.

And I want to give you 3 Instagram tips and tricks that can propel your account to new heights.

Instagram tips and tricks

Before I give you the 3 Instagram tips and tricks, I want to stress one thing to you.

It’s going to take work, don’t listen to people who say you can build an Instagram account to 100k in 30 days. They are full of shit, and they are just trying to take your money.

And besides, even if you did build an account to 100k in 30 days, not one of your followers will give a crap about what you post, or even what your products and services are.

So stick with the tried and true Instagram tips and tricks that just flat out work.

1. Post Daily

Yes, every day you have to post. And NOT just one photo. You have to be an animal who is hungry and post 4-5 times a day.

Every one of your followers is going to come on to Instagram at different times. Posting all day will make sure you get to every follower, no matter the time.

And each photo will only have what I call a “shelf life” of no more than 3 hours. The first 3 hours of you posting a photo, will be the time when you get the most action.

After the 3 hours then the traffic just dies off. That is why I stress you have to be posting multiple times a day. When you do this, you keep your photos and channel in front of your followers at all times.

This allows you to also pick up new followers who haven’t seen your stuff yet because you will be in the search section of the tags you use in your photos.

2. Give shout outs to similar size accounts

When you’re growing your account go find other similar type niche accounts and follow them. Watch what they are posting and the times.

If you see someone who is super active like you. With similar size accounts. Reach out to them and ask to do a shout out to each other.

You will find on your account the best performing photo. Send that over to the person you are going to shout out with, and send a description. The description should say something like.

“Checkout my friends account with more motivation and inspirational photos … “

Then you will do the same on your wall.

So you’re basically swapping traffic between each other. You send your followers to that account and they are also doing the same back to you.

It’s a win-win for both. Your account grows and so does the person you are giving a shout out to.

3. Reach out to big accounts and buy a shoutout

If you have the budget and you really want to step up your game. Then reaching out to Big accounts, like 500k and higher will be one of the best options to grow your account.

Like I said, if you have the budget you can buy shoutouts from big accounts. One Big account can send you a couple thousand new followers in one shot.

If you spend $500 and get 2k more followers it’s worth it.

When you’re first starting out and trying to build your business I don’t really recommend this option. Your business will not be bringing in the money to support this.

But I do recommend this when your business starts to become profitable. Set aside a marketing budget and buy shoutouts when you can.

It’s totally worth it and will help you grow your account super fast.

And that is the 3 Instagram tips and tricks to help you go from zero to 100k with your Instagram account.

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