3 Facebook Ads Secrets No One Is Talking About


So Facebook ads are the hottest thing going right now. If you can learn to turn a profit from using facebook ads, it’s like printing money.

And the only reason I know is because I spent 6 months losing money to facebook ads before I figured out a few things that work.

Facebook Ads

Now facebook ads are not right for all businesses and people.

There are some things that facebook just will not allow on their ads platform. And I want to give you these really quick before I give you my 3 top facebook ads secrets.

If you are in the fitness/health niche you have to be really careful with your ads. Facebook does not like hype claims and over the top marketing.

Things like “lose 10 pounds in the next 2 days” or “drink this and burn fat all day”

And they don’t even like photos of before and after of people who have had success with their own weight loss. Facebook thinks it’s not realistic for the average person.

Another thing facebook will not like is hype affiliate/make money only type of ads. The ones that say “make $10k in the next 3 hours” or “How to make a million dollars while you sleep”.

These are not allowed, so if you are going to run ads in the dating, weight loss, or make money online niches, you may want to water down your ads, or pick something else to promote.

I can say that ecommerce stuff and promoting blogs or webinars are what facebook loves. If you can take your product or service and use one of those, then you will have huge success with facebook ads.

Here are my top 3 facebook ads secrets.

1. Drive traffic for conversions

When you first start a new facebook ads campaign, you are presented with about 10 different options. All of them I found to just take your money and not give you any ROI.

Conversions are just that. You get traffic from facebook ads and are optimized for conversions. Maybe in the past you are used to paying only for clicks, but this is different.

The reason it’s different is facebook will show your ads to only the people who have taken the action you are looking for.

Example is one of my ecommerce stores I choose to get conversion to my purchase pixel.

When I do that facebook will show my ad to only those that have purchased products in the past. Since facebook has so much data on everyone. They want advertisers to make the most money so they can spend more.

The conversion to purchase is like getting your ad in front of only buyers. It’s the holy grail of marketing. So pick conversions and use the purchase pixel.

2. One interest at a time

Interest are like keywords. You get to pick the keywords you want to target. But with facebook ads you can pick super targeted interests. Example would be the food network fanpage.

If you have a food related product. You can show your add only those that like the food network fanpage.

So when you’re setting up the targeting facebook will give you a lot of suggestions that are similar. And it’s hard not to pick as many as you can.

If you want to target the food network, only target that one fanpage. If you want to target more than one interest. Then setup a new ad just for that one interests.

It’s just like running traffic to only one keyword. When you separate out the Interests, you can see what is converting and what is not.

3. Split Mobile and Desktop Feed Only

People that are on desktop and mobile are in 2 different mind sets. So it’s important to run traffic to either desktop people or mobile. Never put them together.

Just like one interest you want to see what is converting more. Some of my facebook ads will convert better with desktop, and some with mobile.

From what I have seen from my own ads, e-commerce is better for mobile only. Desktop does not work that good with ecommerce.

When I try and get people onto my webinar, then desktop is a better converter than mobile.

But the only way I would be able to know this, is to test everything individually.
And there ya go, my top 3 facebook ads secrets. To make your facebook ads work just start off with $5 a day and test, and test. Eventually you will start to get the hang of it and will then be able to scale up big time.

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