3 Quick Facebook Profile Fixes

If you are using facebook to attract people to buy your products or get people to join your opportunity.
I have 3 simple steps that may help with your online success.

The first is to clean up old photos on your profile. Since facebook has forced people to move all there business to their personal profiles
then old photos of you passed out drunk are not going to show you in a good light.

Just clean up the photos that your mother would not want to see.

Second is to leave all politics and religion off your news feed. I know its easy to get on and argue your side, but I promise you will never win.

And what eventually happens is people you want to attract either block you, or just hide your news feed. Then you will never be able to reach them.

The third is to go back and add in your lead capture link inside the description of your photos and videos. So now when people view a cool photo in your profile. They can click on your link and go to your lead capture page.

Give these 3 tips a try and see if it improves your ability to attract the right people to you.

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