3 Ways to Turn A No Into A Yes

When people meet YOU for the first time online, they really don’t know you, and most of the time don’t know they have a problem you can solve.

You have a solution to their problems but getting people to say yes at a higher percentage will take a little what I call “The Warm Up”

When a potential client says no to you there is really only one reason.

They just don’t believe what you offer can solve there problem, Yet…

And if you get a lot of NO’s is because you are not educating first.

It’s hard to walk into a party, start handing out business cards and asking people to come to an event and spend an hour out of there day.

But if you warmed up the crowed a bit with what you have to offer then it makes it that much easier.

1. Use articles, PDF’s, or videos to get people to understand more of what you have to offer.

2. Use a retargeting pixel on your website to show ads to your training.

3. Make an offer to work with you using a filtration system to only work with those that are ready to go with credit card in hand.

Once you get people on the phone that have been filtered down will all your education you then can get fewer and fewer no’s.

And even if you do get a NO, it may be that they didn’t go through enough of your information on the front of your client system.

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