5 Email Marketing Tips For 72% Open Rate


If you are building your list, then you should know that email marketing open rates will determine if you have a successful email run or not.

I mean who wants to only get 1% of the people on your list to even open and see your message.

So your goal is to do everything you can to make sure people open up your emails, read them, and then take action.

If you’re getting a small % open your emails and your getting a super high click through rate. Imagine what your click through rate would be if you got 25%, 50% or even 72% email marketing open rates?

You would be rich!

Email Marketing Tips

Here are 5 email marketing tips to help you increase your open rates to a possible 72% or higher.

1. Make it Personal

Yes, you have to promote, but if all you do is promote on your list then your subscribers are not getting any value from your emails.

Give value to your subscriber with each email. Make it personal and show that you really do care about them and want them to succeed.

Most of my emails I try and give something relevant. Usually, it’s just saying what day of the week it is. But sometimes you can toss in something happening in the world that people will know that you’re not just some robot sending an email. It’s actually you.

2. Write to your best friend.

Ok so maybe your best friend is not on your list, but that doesn’t mean you can pretend he/she is on your list.

Imagine your best friend is on your list. Then craft your email to talk only to your best friend. Picture yourself sitting in a cafe just having a conversation about marketing or business.

How would you talk? Would you use profanity? Would you have lazy talk, “ya know, hmm, ya”?

Add all those elements into your emails.

3. Create relevant headlines.

The subject is the most important part after your name. Yes, your name is the first thing people see, so if it’s from a company or some name other than yours, then your open rates will suffer.

Then your subject comes next. It needs to be relevant to what is going on the in the world today. And it needs to get the attention of your subscriber.

I like to ask questions, make bold statements, use keywords like “secret, underground, new, video, how to”. These are my trigger words that get people to take notice. And once you get the attention of your subscriber, they will naturally want to open it up to see what it’s all about.

Now don’t be stupid here. I see subject lines like this. “Your check is ready, money is waiting,” Those are stupid headlines and make you look like a dumb ass. Don’t use them.

4. Segmenting your list.

If someone came to your list and wanted to learn more about email marketing, and you gave them 5 email marketing tips. That’s a specific thing they are looking for.

So each of your emails to that list needs to be all about email marketing tips. Sure you can go into other areas like lead pages, autoresponders. Just don’t make the mistake of sending your list of “email marketing”, all of a sudden now sending snapchat marketing.

You’re just going to turn people off and send them down a totally different direction.

5. Daily Consistency

Yes daily. Since most of your subscribers get 10 or 20 other emails from other marketers you need to do all you can to stand out and keep your name in front of the minds of your list.

Daily emails need to be sent, so be consistent. I send at least one email, sometimes 2 every day, and have done that for the past 6 years.

Sure there are times when I don’t even know what I am going to talk about, but at least I send something out.

And there ya go. The 5 email marketing tips to help you increase your open rates, make more money and have more freedom in your life.

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