5 Secrets To A 6 Figure Webinar

My first ever webinar was a complete disaster. I went through the entire presentation with the mic turned off. No wonder no one purchase my product.

The second webinar I did, the Slides from Google went offline, and it went offline just when I was about to present the offer. So no one could even see what I had to sell. No one purchased from that webinar. Go figure huh?

It took me 60 Live Webinars before I GOT IT. And when I finally got it, I was able to generate multiple 6 figure webinars.

And now I have put together 5 of my Hottest Secrets for make sure you are on the right path to a 6 Figure Webinar for yourself.

1. Pre Party is where the magic starts

I’m not talking about the time just before you go live with your webinar. I’m talking about the week before the actual date you go LIVE. The pre party will set the tone for you creating a 6 figure webinar.

It starts with a giveaway. Something to get the buzz going. Make it something cool. And I mean cool.

Ipad, Ipod, gift card, oh come on, let’s get the party going. Anything from apple will work to get a buzz started.

If you make 6 figures on a webinar. I think you can handle buying a new ipad.

Let people know you will pick a winner from those that post your registration link or hashtag. The winner will be the one that blows up their social media.

And it will be simple to pick out the winner because someone will go nuts and post all over and it will be noticeable.

2. Create Kick-ass Presentation Slides

You know what I’m talking about. Slides that keep people engaged and focused on the presentation. Pictures and lots of them.

No boring text and bullets. Booo, those suck.

Get wild with your bad self and put together something cool.

Here is a tip. No more than 2 pictures per slide, and change the slides every 30 seconds during your presentation.

Yes I know what your thinking.. That will be a ton of slides. And yes it will.

160 slides is no problem. If you have slides with 5 bullet points on them. Break that up into 5 different slides. In no time you will have a kick-ass slide deck.

3. Get A VA Wingman

Whatever you do don’t go it alone…

You need a wingman, or wingwoman to help while you perform your presentation. People are going to ask questions in the chat and it’s hard to present and get to the questions.

A virtual assistant can help you here.

Have the VA gether all the questions during the presentation, put them in text, and skype them over to you at the end.

Then when you are finished, and move into the Q&A session, you have questions ready to go.

Trust me on this. You want to focus 100% of your time on making a great presentation.

So make sure to get some help with the back end stuff while you present.

4. Get A Good Microphone.

Oh have I been on a ton of webinars where sound it terrible.

Sure I can handle a bad slide deck, but bad sound. No way, I am turning off the presentation “faster than a speeding bullet”

Go do a search on Amazon for ATR 2100. It’s cheap and it packs in so much punch.

The ATR works great, and will make you sound like a seasoned radio disk jockey.

Not that you want to sound like a DJ, but… oh you get the point.

A good microphone will get you to a 6 figure webinar super fast…

5. Kickstarter Q&A questions.

Ok so here is the meat and potatoes when it comes to closing out your presentation with a kick-ass Q&A session.

You’re going to have common questions and objections that people will have and will always ask the same ones over and over.

When your presentation is done, and while your VA is getting questions to you, there will be this silent pause. Oh and this pause is no good.

But not you, because you have questions ready to go.

Start off your pre packaged questions like this..

“Here is a good question that I get all the time” … “Ok this question I answered the other day with a friend”…

No one will know the difference if these questions are Live or from before.

And these ready to go answers will knock out about 80% of the questions your VA will send you.

Then you can focus on new questions that people have from the presentation.

This keeps the flow nice while you answer new questions and continue to promote your offer.

Ok so there you go.

I wish someone would have told me these 5 things when I got started. Maybe it would not have taken me so long to see my first success with webinars.

So try these out next time and see if they take you from no sales to Lot and Lots of new sales.

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