The 7 Best Affiliate Programs For Internet Marketers


Affiliate marketing is you driving targeted traffic to one of the best affiliate programs offer or service and getting a % of the sale.

This can be anywhere between 10% all the way up to 100% of the sale. And the best affiliate programs pay one time, and offer great support for internet marketers.

The best affiliate programs are going to pay in a couple different ways. First is Cost Per Sale, which is a very low risk, high profit revenue sharing. If you send a sale, you get paid a percentage.

Second best affiliate programs pay in Cost Per Action. This is more risk to the affiliate program but high reward for the internet marketer. But these offers come and go very quickly so it’s more of a hit and run type of marketing campaign.

If you have great targeted traffic then you will crush it with these best affiliate programs below.

So let’s get into the Top 7 Best Affiliate Programs for Internet Marketers.

1. Clickbank

One of the largest affiliate networks with thousands of offers to choose from. Clickbank is a very safe place to send your traffic. If you make a sale, you get paid a week later. Simple easy and you will find offers in just about every niche.

2. Rakuten started out and was taken over by Rakuten and has built up into a huge network. With over 90,000 products, 38,000 publishers and 18 million customers it’s a monster.

It’s one of the largest e-commerce program in japan and is one of the largest by sales in the world.

3. CJ Affiliate by Conversant

It started off as commision junction and now has joined to create Affiliate by Conversant. It’s one of the biggest customer shopping network online. Conversant includes CJ, Dotomi, Greystripe, Mediaplex, and ValueClick Media.

4. Amazon Associates

Amazon is the biggest and baddest of them all. It’s the largest ecommerce and cloud computing companies online. It’s the largest internet retailer online, and it’s affiliate network called Amazon Associates, lets you promote over a million products to advertise to your customers.

5. ShareaSale

This best affiliate program has been around for 15 years and has built up a reputation of speed, and accuracy. It’s a really good network that is exclusively for affiliate marketing. Is an honest and fair business to deal with.

6. eBay

Most people don’t know that this best affiliate program eBay is not just an auction website to post your stuff. But it also has an affiliate network. eBay has been around for 20 years and the Partner Network is setup with tools and tracking to help you make affiliate marketing commissions.

7. Avangate

More than 5000 digital business in over 180 countries trust Avangate to deliver quality products. You may not have heard of this digital commerce company. But it’s backed by a cloud platform that focuses on online commerce, subscription billing, and global payments for software, and online services companies.

Bonus, Bonus, Bonus

Ok if all else fails and you must find an offer… Offervault will work

8. OfferVault

This is not a best affiliate program, but it’s a directory of all the top offers. With over 60,000 offers listed you will find the right offer to put in front of your customers.

Ok so which affiliate network should you choose?

Pick the one that has the best affiliate program offers for your business.

If you are into the health niche, then find great offers. If you have a youtube channel that focuses on ecommerce, then pick on one of the networks.


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