7 Steps Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Can Take To Make Money Online


Affiliate marketing for beginners starts with the desire for a passive income source using the internet.

Yes it’s possible. You can earn money while you are on vacation. You can earn while you are out having fun with your family and friends.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Sure it takes work, and especially when you’re starting out. But let me help you get up and running with these 7 simple steps for affiliate marketing for beginners

1. Choose a Niche

Let me give you a head start on finding a niche. Sure you can do what your passion about, but are there buyers and big competition?

If your goal is to make passive income then stick with these 3 Big niches. Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

These are the biggest and have the most buyers. Meaning you can jump right in and carve out your little piece of passive income from these niches.

Look for a sub niche and then jump right in. A sub niche of Health could be “crossfit for men over 50”, or “weight loss for new moms”.

2. Research Affiliate Programs

Once you find your niche, the next part of affiliate marketing for beginners is to find something you can promote and make money online.

And this is actually the simple part, because there are so many to pick from. Start with clickbank.com. It’s a great place to find affiliate offers from all kinds of niches. But more important is they have great offers from the 3 big niches in step 1.

The Health offers inside of clickbank are some of the best. They convert like crazy and clickbank always pays out on time.

Another great place affiliate marketing for beginners can research is offervault.com. This website has over 60k offers and the networks that offer them. But just make sure you do a little research on the networks before you start sending them traffic.

3. Build Out Your Website

Ok so this might be a little on the technical side. And if you get stuck on any of this go to fiverr.com or upwork.com and get some cheap help from people halfway around the world.

The first part is setting up a domain and hosting. Hostgator.com is the place recommend since they have been around for years and understand the new person coming on board.

If you still get stuck, do a search on youtube for help setting up a hostgator account.

Once you have the hosting setup. The next part with affiliate marketing for beginners is to install wordpress. Again this is so simple, and there are so many youtube videos explaining this that you will not get stuck.

With wordpress installed you want to setup a theme, just use the free ones for now. You can also head to the plugin section, but I wouldn’t spend too much time working on your website.

Your main goal is to attract people to your site, and believe me, no one cares about the looks, all they care about is the content.

Later down the road when your site gets some traffic, then you can spend a little time on a good theme and plugins.

4. Create Great Content

Google is going to be your silent partner since they have all the traffic. And with google as your partner they are looking for great content from your site.

Find ways to give value to others. This can be as simple as you sharing your journey in life or online.

But to make affiliate marketing for beginners work you have to be consistent with your content. If google is the place to get content then they want to see daily content.

5. Build your Audience

Your audience is the people who love your content and want to always get more from you. And affiliate marketing for beginners has a few different ways to build your audience.

First is through social media. When you post new content on your website, post it to all your social media website. Facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube.

Social media is the place that everyone is hanging out so naturally you want to get your content in front of them.

The next part of building your audience is building your email list.

Offer something of value in exchange for an email address. Give away a free report, or value video. Use an autoresponder company like aweber.com to automate your emails.

Email marketing is the best of the best, and it one place to really step up your passive income game. It’s also the best place to build your audience.

6. Promote Affiliate Offers

The content you create for your website should be around a topic that creates value for someone else. And since you give great value you can then recommend a product that will help then even faster.

If you are in the Health niche, and you create a great piece of content, then just recommend a health related product. This can be information or it can be a physical product like supplements as an example.

Your research in step 2 should have found some really good offers to promote. So each day you create content. Add in links to these offers.

7. Repeat 4,5,6,

Not much to it, just repeat, repeat, and then repeat. Create content, and post your links to your affiliate offers.

Affiliate marketing for beginners is simple and all it takes is a few daily disciplines to make it all work for you.

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