A Disturbing Trend When It Comes To Getting More Clients?

One of the BIGGEST and most DISTURBING trends that has been happening in the coaching/consulting industry is the massive influx of new people wanting to get clients!

If you pick just about any market you will notice that there are THOUSANDS of competitors trying to get clients!

And it is getting worse almost by the day!

I had a quick look at Google and here’s some examples:

“Business coach” – 600,000 results

“Mindset coach” – 86,100 results

“Health coach” – 5.4 MILLION results

“Life coach” – 12 MILLION results

You get the idea?

That’s just in Google Search…

Now of course – a lot of those results are not coaches & probably just article pages.

But even if 10% are actual coaches/consultants, that is still A MASSIVE amount of people YOU have to compete against to get clients.

Sure you can just bypass the internet and go to local networking events – but the reality is – so are all the newbies who you are competing against…

So what is the answer to fixing this?

5 years ago the answer would have been to simply start buying traffic online!

But since the big traffic sources have made it so easy to buy traffic – that answer is no longer good enough…

MOST coaches/consultants are doing some sort of online stuff now…

The answer lies in one word!

One word that can take you from failing or just getting by to massive amounts of success…

One word that can take you from struggling making $5k a month in your coaching business to making $50k a month!

That one word is your “SYSTEM”.

It’s how I do it…

I’m in a VERY competitive market and yet I somehow can get 100 to 120 strategy session applications a month.

So if I can do it (and I am not that smart) what is your excuse for NOT doing it?

The secret is in the system…

Not the traffic source, tools, ideas, methods or some ninja trick you learned in some free ebook.

So if you are ready to get out of the “sea of sameness” so you don’t have to cut your prices, work harder for LESS and waste all your energy working with broke clients – lets fix this.

Click the link below, let me know a bit about your situation so I can figure out how to help you best.

Will setup a strategy session & I’ll teach you the EXACT strategy I use to get 100 + strategy sessions a month in an over-saturated, hyper competitive market…

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