A Doomed Facebook Ad Strategy Looks Like This

I talk to a lot of coaches and consultants who are trying (and they should be) to get clients from Facebook Ads.

Look – it’s the best place on the internet to get clients (in my opinion). They have a ton of useful data on people.

But the problem is – if you don’t run your ads the right way you will end up wasting thousands and thousands of dollars and not even get an email subscriber.


Just because you can get traffic from Facebook does not mean you should.

Here’s what I mean – Just cause you can buy clicks and because it is easy to do does not mean YOU should do it.

Remember – You don’t need CLICKS…



Your bank does not care how many CLICKS you got.

Or how many FANS are “Liking” your awesome selfie..

It’s all about MONEY IN THE BANK from CLIENTS.

Got it?

Here’s the Facebook Ads strategy that is DOOMED..

Getting clicks and running them to your LOW TICKET funnel thinking you are going to get HIGH TICKET clients.

Doesn’t work.

Sure – you’ll get clicks, a good click through rate and if you geek out enough in the ads manager you will get an awesome relevancy score.

AND you will get CHEAP newsletter optins who you can email about your awesomeness all the time.

Then you will get a bunch of people booking strategy sessions if you blow through enough cash on your ads.

And then the following is going to happen with they book calls with you:

– A bunch will NO SHOW! – A bunch will cancel at the last minute. – A few crazy ones will ask you who you are and wonder why your calling them. – A bunch are going to listen to your pitch and say NO. – Most will then tell you that you are so awesome and they love everything you are telling them BUT… They need to think about it.

“I just don’t make decisions like this over the phone. I need to think about it, talk to everyone I know and then once my situation that I reached out to you for help is SO BAD that I can’t even survive anymore – I’ll reach back out to you and try and negotiate a deal on your fees!”

And one out of 20 might move forward with you after they GRIND YOU for a discount and virtually unlimited access to you. (Plus they will want you to cook them supper, take their kids to school and wash their car…)

As well as split the payment for your 12 week coaching up over 2 years.

Then after dealing with this craziness for a period of time you will eventually stop using Facebook ads or just live in a bad situation and not make any money at all.

And it IS NOT Facebook’s fault. They got some GREAT traffic…

And yet this is totally fixable!

The issue is not Facebook ads, not your market, your clients or YOU.

The issue is you using a LOW TICKET funnel to try and get high ticket clients.

And as long as you keep pouring more traffic onto your business – the more frustrated you will get…

– Crazy clients. – No clients. – NO’s on your calls. – Excuse makers. – People flaking out on you. – Massive traffic bills.

The cool thing is – there is a very simple HIGH TICKET SALES FUNNEL that can do all the heavy lifting for you on autopilot.

We need to get your ideal client to click your ad & be in a mental place where they CAN’T NOT work with you…

They need to go from a “click to a client within 24 to 48hrs”.

Literally be waiting for you to call with credit card in hand ready to move forward with you.


MOST of the High Ticket Sales Funnel is happening behind the scenes…

You can’t see it unless you know exactly what your looking for.

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