A Quick Way To Drive SEO Traffic To A New Website

Ok so you created a new website, or you just created a new piece of content for your blog and now you want to start getting from free seo traffic from the search engines.

Search engines love new content. But let’s keep it real.

There are a ton of people creating new and exciting content every day.

This brings us to the point of how can we be different and stand out?

First you find a keyword that has low competition in the search engines.

And second you use social signals to get the attention and to get the ball rolling on getting some SEO love.

Finding keywords with low competition is just a simple search using the keyword tool provided by google.

Take the broad keyword, and then look for long tail words you can create your content around.

“How to find a home in tampa florida” would be an example of a low, and long tail keywords.

“Find a home in florida” would be an example of a High competition and not long tail keyword.

“Fitness” would be an example of an extremely competitive keyword that would be almost impossible to rank and get traffic.

Now when you do find a long tail keyword, you create a nice piece of content. Well now it’s time to get the attention of the search engines.

Almost like calling out LOOK here,, I have new content, search me and then rank me.

That’s what you’re saying when you use social signals.

These are kinda like the old backlink days but using social media as the backlink tool.

Use places like, fiverr, seoclerk, or konker.io. These websites offer a great service to get your new content noticed.

Find someone who can post your link to their social network for cheap. Maybe under $10 per link. Anything more than $10 will be to much.

So once you find a few good providers of social signals, then just keep using them for all your new content.

After a month or two, you are going to have a nice set of link out there boosting your social ranking. And giving you the SEO traffic you want to your new website.

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