A Simple “Short Cut” To Getting More Clients For Your Business

You ever feel like the client getting process is almost like a trip to the dentist?

It’s like… You just want more clients! Not endless amounts of software, ninja tricks and tools!

I get it…

A few years back I thought I needed to master everything in order to get more clients.

So I did what a lot of coaches do – EVERYTHING!

I had traffic coming from a whole bunch of traffic sources (which is not bad) but you gotta do it right.

I then was driving people to my Fan Page on Facebook and then creating about 12 new posts A DAY.

Then I needed to have fresh blog content – right? Cause you want people to see your fresh content all the time.

So I created a ton of videos every week to make sure everyone had fresh content when they came to my site…

Then I had FIFTEEN different email lists that I had email follow ups for.

You know…

Gotta segment everyone and give custom emails to every type of person on your list.

And then I had MULTIPLE products people could buy from me and I hoped they would want coaching after that.

The what I’d do is add in LIVE WEBINARS cause that’s what the guru’s were doing at the time and if it was working for them – it had to work for me.

And at the end of the day I was making about $15,000 per month working like a crazy person and netting about $1k.

However most months I was going backwards. However, I’d then have a good month and make a bit of profit.

All in all I was about $55k in debt and going backwards really fast.


I seriously was considering going back and get a job so I could get a raise in pay & get my life back.

(Meaning: Just get a steady paycheck that I could take care of my family with.)

I was looking at some opportunities that I knew I just had to say the word and I was in.

But in my heart I KNEW that what I was doing was what I was suppose to do.

Getting a job was a ok – but it WAS NOT my calling and gift.

So in my pit of despair (and debt) I decided that I needed to fix this and fix it fast.

I had been full-time online for YEARS and had made well over 7 figures online.

But the problem was I had made my business so complex that it was starting to hit the law of diminishing returns.

Meaning – all the new stuff I was doing was actually making things WORSE.

All the money I was investing in traffic was actually getting me LESS clients…

All the new automation and systems were actually causing me MORE WORK and LESS profits.

It was a disaster.

It was stressing me out, my wife & quite frankly it was destroying my health.

The last day of the month was THE WORST…

That was the day the CC companies nailed my account with the interest payments for that month.

It was about $1k a month. Like clock-work.

The Simple Fix For More Clients

If you want MORE clients and want to actually make A LOT of money in this business you are going to have to change your mindset.

You need to do LESS and NOT more.

As soon as I simplified my coaching business down to about 4 moving parts – my income sky rocketed…

That’s right —> Simplified my coaching business and it grew like a rocket.

The secret is you gotta know what to do more of and what to get rid of.

Here’s the good news…

I’ve figured all this out and mastered it for you.

If I can get 100 to 120 strategy session applications A MONTH in one of the most competitive markets online – you have NO EXCUSES for not filling your calendar.


So lets fix this so you can simplify your coaching business and hopefully add an extra $10k to $30k a month FAST:

Click the link below, let me know a bit about your situation so I know how to help you and will have a strategy session and fix this:

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