Advertising On Facebook with this One Secret Hack


When I look at any business and they are not Advertising On Facebook, I am asking myself “Why Not”?

If you want to have success in your business you MUST get Advertising On Facebook, and I mean TODAY.

Over 2 billion people are on facebook and they check their news feed some crazy 40 hours a day.

That is where your customers are.

Advertising On Facebook

But let me be honest and straight up with you. Advertising On Facebook is no easy task. And if you are not careful, you could lose a lot of money.

So my goal here is make sure you are Advertising On Facebook the correct way.

I have been advertising on facebook for over 3 years now and let me just say I had to go through some hard times to figure out what works and what does not work.

Here is what works the best.

When someone recognizes your ad, or recognizes your business from before, then you have a winner.

Advertising On Facebook

And I will explain.

People on facebook are NOT there to look for stuff. Like with Google, people are searching for things. The facebook people are just there to socialize with their friends.

So when you stick an add in front of them, well they get a little pissed off.

If you can understand this, then it makes advertising on facebook so much easier and profitable.

What’s the ONE hack to make sure you’re not pissing off people on facebook?

Put the facebook pixel on your website and build up an audience of people who already know you. This way when you do post an ad, they are familiar with you and your brand.

The facebook pixel is the secret weapon that not many people don’t know about.

But you know now.

What is the pixel you might ask.

Advertising On Facebook

Well it’s a simple piece of code you get from your facebook account. You then place that code on your website. Once it’s in place then facebook can start to build an audience of traffic on your website.

Facebook will look at the pixel code and try and match up someone on facebook. The audience will be built and you can then run ads only to this audience.

It’s very targeted and will give you super cheap clicks.

My pixel is the only way I’m advertising on facebook now. I never put my add in front of a cold audience.

And do you want another cool hack? One that will let you expand your audience?

Facebook will let you build a lookalike audience with your customer audience. So if you only have let’s say 5,000 people who have visited your site.

Facebook will take that 5,000 and will go out and create an audience of over 2 million who is super targeted just like your customer audience.

I get around $75 cents a lead when I run my add to my custom audience. And I get $35 cents a lead to the lookalike audience facebook created for me.

Cool huh?

So get your pixel and start building your audience, and make advertising on facebook super profitable for you.

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