Are You Believing This Lie About Getting More Clients? (It cost me a fortune)

In the hotel industry they measure how many vacant rooms they have a night so they can figure out how much it is costing them.

For example – If a nice little hotel has 100 rooms and charges $100 per night, they will make about $10,000 per night if all the rooms are booked.

However, if only 10 rooms are booked then that hotel is only going to make about $1,000 per night.

So by only having 10% of the rooms filled, they are LOSING OUT on $9,000 A NIGHT in income they should be making.


Your coaching business is exactly the same.

If you currently charge $2k for your coaching and can handle 10 new clients a month, you should be making $20,000 A MONTH.

But if you are only getting one client a month and making $2k a month – It’s costing you $18,000 A MONTH!!

This month…

Next month…

And EVERY MONTH going forward…

$18k a month that should be in your bank account.

So how can you fix this?

The easiest way possible…


I was talking to a client who makes about $4700 for every coaching client he gets.

And right now he invests about $700 to get a new client from Facebook Ads.

Yes — he puts $700 in and gets about $4700 out.

If he wants to double the amount of clients he gets, he just has to double the amount he’s investing and like magic – he should get twice as many clients and make a lot more money.


Years ago when I started coaching people I would make about $5 for every $1 I invested in getting clients.

Put $2k in and get $10k out.

Not bad, but not great. My ROI is way better now cause of my upgraded system that me and my clients use.

But the big mistake I made was I would make a 500% ROI on investing in traffic and would not do more of it.

I was SCARED!!

So I would invest a small amount of money in paid traffic and make some back.

Then focus the rest of my time on time wasting things like blogging, creating endless amounts of videos, complaining about how little money I was making and other things.

Then it clicked…

“If I can just go out and buy more clients, I can help more people and make more money!”

I did that…

And about 9 or 10 months later my business had its first six figure MONTH.

And on a bad month these days I might make $50k/$60k in new sales. (a month).

What happened?

Cracked the code on getting clients.


How much longer are you going to live in LACK?

If you have a coaching service worth $1k or $10k (or more) why are you wasting your time and energy hustling to find clients when you can just go out and buy them?

If you can create an optimized machine where you can invest $500 or even $1k to get a $2k or $5k client – how many times a month can you do that?

As many as you want…

So if you are ready to finally start filling your calendar, getting clients and STOP missing out on the tens of thousands of dollars a month you currently are…

Click this link below, let me know a bit about your situation and will book a call so I can show you exactly how to get unstuck, stop missing out on the $10k (or more) a month you are not making & how to start getting clients from Facebook ads:

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