Avoiding The HIGH COST Of Getting Clients With Facebook Ads

One of the biggest problems most coaches have is they feel they are paying too much for traffic on Facebook and not getting enough clients.

You know why?

It’s called erosion and it is KILLING your coaching business without you even knowing it.


Almost everyday more and more competitors are coming into YOUR MARKET and are trying to get clients using Facebook Ads.

And so what is happening is – the harder you work at getting clients – the WORSE it is getting for you.

You end up working harder on the free groups to get people to notice you and reach out to you.

You end up spending MORE MONEY to get clients.

It’s like a treadmill that keeps getting faster and faster and yet keeps giving you less and less.

Back in 2007 I was using Google SEO for getting clients.

You could create a page, optimize it and clients would be reaching out to you within days cause your page was at the top of Google for your keyword.

Try that today and you might get to the top for some obscure keyword in about 5 years from now.



There was no competition. It was easy.


I started using Facebook Ads back in 2010 and you know what?

My cost to get a client is not going up!

In fact, this last year it has went DOWN! And I am in one of the most competitive markets online.

How’s That Happen?

The right system…


Your current system (or lack of one) is going to get you the EXACT or worse results going forward.

In fact – if you are getting bad results right now (NOT getting the clients you want) then chances are VERY GOOD that you will get WORSE results moving forward.

The treadmill is getting turned up, more and more people are flooding your market and you can’t outwork them.


There is a system that works to fix this so you can get clients WITHOUT having to work harder, waste more time on free groups & do more networking.

I’m getting over 100 strategy session applications A MONTH.

So if your ready to start finally getting more clients with Facebook ads NOW – click the link below, tell me a bit about your situation and will have a strategy session.

On this call I am going to show you the 3 things you are likely doing right now that will sabotage your success and ensure you never get a client from Facebook.

Then I am going to help map out a very specific plan for you and show you exactly what you need to be doing TODAY to start getting clients coming to you.

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