Best Ways To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing


One of the best ways to make money with affiliate marketing is to just find what is working and model or just duplicate it.

No need to start over, or try and guess it.

Just look at the data and run with it.

“Ok Tyler great, but how do I do that?”

All affiliate marketing networks will give you data on what offers you can promote. If they don’t then move on.

The data will usually come in 2 forms. One is the gravity score that Clickbank uses and the other is EPC or earnings per click.

I know, sounds boring, and sleepy stuff.

But it’s important you understand these because if not you could be promoting an offer that flat out sucks.

And let me tell you, I have had my fair share of affiliate marketing offers that suck balls!

So let’s not make that mistake together, ok?

Let’s start off with EPC. Don’t get caught up in how it’s calculated, just know this.

The higher the EPC the better the offer. It means that conversions are happening, sales are coming, and most important…

People are making money with the offer.

What I do is this. The first thing I look for is an offer that has a high EPC, say $2.00 or higher. Then I create content around that offer.

Simple formula right? Well ya, it is.

Most people will put their emotions into finding an affiliate marketing offer that will make money online fast. But emotions are not making money online. Data will make money online super fast.

So if you see an offer you would like to promote, but the data does not back it up, then pass on it.

Jvzoo, warriorplus, and just about all CPA networks will give you the EPC data for all the offers.

Now the data you want to look at is the gravity score inside of Clickbank. The higher the gravity score the better the offer is at converting.

What I like to do is pick a category inside of the Clickbank marketplace. Then use the drop-down menu to move the listings by highest gravity score.

Example, some of the weight loss affiliate marketing offers will have a gravity score of 200+, these are the winners and you should run with them.

Ok, so to wrap it up. Look for EPC of $2.00 or higher and a gravity score with Clickbank at least 150+

When you look at the data and build your content around the winning offers. Well, then you make money online fast and with predictability.

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