Client Getting Tools Getting You Frustrated?

Not a week goes by that I don’t talk to MULTIPLE coaches & consultants who tell me they have all the “tools” but are still not getting enough clients.

They feel like they have almost sold their soul and they are not coaches who are helping people.

They are internet marketers with a computer full of tools and now they get to be project managers who coach on the side.

TOTALLY out of their genius and magic.

And quite frankly – totally unnecessary and stupid.

Here’s how it works…

Coach Sally (or Johnny) decide they are sick of having to depend on referrals from clients who are keeping their business stuck.

So they go online to get clients and find out really quickly they need endless tools:

– Niche research tools. – Analytics. – WordPress. – Plugins for WordPress. – Updates for it. – Membership software. – Advanced client management software. – Autoresponders. – Webinar software for live webinars. – Webinar software for automated webinars. – Video creation software. – Registration page tools. – Calendar booking stuff. – Facebook ads graphic editor tools. – exc…

And then you need a virtual assistant to run all the tools you now are the proud owner of…

BUT – your VA can’t manage all of them so you need to pay a specialist to manage some of them.

But they suck and can’t do what they promised so now you gotta get a TEAM of people to run your tools.

And you still have not gotten on traffic and even gotten a webinar registration yet!

But wait – there’s more!!

All these tools need optimizing, hooking up & tweaking…

And what if they don’t all run on mobile?

Gotta get a specialist to figure that one out…

And what if you can’t get clients?

Then you find another tool! There is always more tools to buy. Always.

Now look… I am not trashing the tools. You need them. And most are very good and powerful.

That is not the point.

The point is – when will it end for you?

The more STUFF you add to your coaching business – the LESS clients you will probably get.

I used to do about 25 different things in my coaching business.

And it was a disaster.

Borderline failure.

And I was stressed out, overwhelmed and could not figure out how to succeed.

Then I simplified it and everything changed. My business 400% over 2 years and it was EASIER.

More $$$, less work and better results for me and my awesome clients.


If doing MORE STUFF was going to work to get you more clients – don’t you think you’d have a full calendar by now?

Every time you add more stuff to your half empty coaching business you are multiplying the complexity factor by A LOT.

Eventually your coaching business is going to be so complex and overwhelming you will not even know where to start.


But there is a simple way!

I HATE tools, technology, overwhelm, frustration, selling & doing stupid things.

I don’t even use my phone for email and still can’t figure out how to get the WIFI to work on the printer I bought. The stupid light is blue but it won’t print…

My wife even programs the time change on my clock in my SUV & my 8 year old son has more hand tools than me.

And yet I was able to grow my coaching business 400% in the last 2 years by doing LESS and simplifying it.

So how much longer are you going to keep getting more stuff, tools & things you can plug into your business to make it even more overwhelming and frustrating?

Look -> There is a very simple formula you can use right now that is working like crazy to get clients & it is super low tech.

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