Coin Place Review, Is Coin Place Scam Or Legit Business?

Coin Place Review

Is Coin Place a scam or a legit business? Lets take a look.

Hi and welcome to my Coin Place Review

Right now you may see alot of hype and buss on social media and the internet, so I decided to dig in and see what this company is all about.

Some say Coin Place is one big scam, and others say it a great opportunity. Let me cut through the hype and get to some real details.

Im going to walk you through the company, products, and how they make money so you can make an informed decision.

See if this company is a real scam or legit business

Coin Place Review – The Company Details

I could not find any information on who actually own the company or is running it.

There is a corporate address in Australia but looks to me like a P.O. box so its unclear how Coin Place runs there day to day operation.

The domain name “” was registered on Sept 27th of 2017.

Looking at the Alexa rank I can see that Japan has 38% of the traffic followed by 13% from Russia.  So its a good indication that most of the traffic is coming from these locations.

As always if you cant find information about the owner or the location then I suggest its not a real opportunity.

Coin Place Review – The Company Products

No products are available only a membership that people can login to.

Coin Place Review – The Compensation Plan

Coin Place affiliate invest in cryptocurrency on the promise of advertised returns like this…

  • Starter – invest $10 to $500 and receive a 110% ROI after 15 days
  • Medium – invest $25 to $10,000 and receive a 6% daily ROI for 20 days (120%)
  • Investor – invest $50 to $10,000 and receive a 5% daily ROI for 30 days (150%)

Referral commission are available on funds invested by all the download affiliates in the program.

Here are the different levels.

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 8%
  • level 2 – 3%
  • level 3 – 1%

Joining Coin Place

The membership to get started is free.

Full participation in the Coin Place income system is with an investment of $10.

My Coin Place Conclusion..

The big claim is they are generating a ROI by trading cryptocurrencies.  But there is no real proof of this.

Since there is no real evidence of trading it fails the logic test.

Coin Place claims to earn 150% ROI every 30 days.  That is %1824 per year.

Not even the best traders in the world could get 150%.

But even if they could, then why not just get a loan from the bank and not worry about setting up some website online.

Just take the money from the bank, get 150% and in a few short months you could be rich.

But as we know will all of these daily return type of programs.  They die off quickly.

When new people stop registering and new people stop investing, then its time for the admins to run.

This happens will all of these programs.  Do you want my #1 recommendation for online success?


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