Coinastrix Review, Is It A Big Scam or Legit Online Business?

Is Coinastrix a legit business or one Big Scam?  Lets get into some hard facts

Hey there, welcome to my Coinastrix Review!

Someone may have reached out to you and said this is an amazing opportunity, and others may say  to stay far away, either way I want to cut through the hype and take a closer look at this company.

In this review I am going to go over the company, products, and compensation plan to help you make an informed decision.  Plus I will give my recommendation.

See if this really is one big scam or a legit business.

Coinastrix Review – The Company Details

Looking at the website I could not find any information about who is running it.  But inside the terms of service there is an address in mexico city for a company called CMVV Ventures.

The website “” was registered July 8th 2017 and is set to private.  Since its private there is no way to see who is investing your money.

So make sure you understand that when you send your funds and the company goes belly up, then there is no way to find out who took your money because they are hiding the identity.

Coinastrix Review – The Products

No retail products are available, only a membership are that new affiliates can promote and earn profits.

Coinastrix Review – The Compensation Plan

New affiliates will invest bitcoin into the system of a promised ROI daily

Take a look at the different levels here…

Nano – invest 0.003 BTC and receive a 200% ROI in 60 days
Micro – invest 0.006 BTC and receive a 200% ROI in 60 days
Mini – invest 0.009 BTC and receive a 200% ROI in 60 days
Astrix1 – invest 0.02 BTC and receive a 200% ROI through binary commissions (no fixed ROI)
Astrix2 – invest 0.05 BTC and receive a 200% ROI in 90 days
Astrix3 – invest 0.15 BTC and receive a 200% ROI in 75 days
Astrix4 – invest 0.5 BTC and receive a 200% ROI in 75 days
Astrix5 – invest 1 BTC and receive a 200% ROI in 75 days
Astrix6 – invest 2 BTC and receive a 200% ROI in 60 days
Astrix7 – invest 4 BTC and receive a 200% ROI in 50 days
Astrix8 – invest 6 BTC and receive a 200% ROI in 60 days
Astrix9 – invest 10 BTC and receive a 200% ROI in 90 days

The company will also pay on affiliate to recruit others a percentage based on a binary system

If you are familiar with mlm, or network marketing you understand different legs in your organization.   Well a binary system has a left leg and a right leg.   This works well if you have a sponsor that is a recruiting king.  You will get mass spill over on one leg that will help your team grow, take a look here.

Here are the levels that are paid out to affiliate and the binary team they build

Astrix1 – 6%
Astrix2 – 7%
Astrix3 – 8%
Astrix4 – 11%
Astrix5 – 13%
Astrix6 – 15%
Astrix7 – 18%
Astrix8 – 21%
Astrix9 – 25%

Coinastrix Review – Getting Started

Affiliates have a choice to invest .003 or 10 bitcoins.

Coinastrix Review – Conclusion

Coinastrix says on the website they are investing the funds into mining, and investment analysis.  They also claim to handle large portfolios.

There is NO proof of this on the website so they could say anything.

With 200% return on your investment the only way for this to happen is if  its a Ponzi scheme.

That means new members have to come in daily with new fresh investments.

Yes at the beginning when all the hype is strong this can work.  But just like all Ponzi scheme the hype goes away. And so does all the new investments.

In a few short months the admins will not be able to handle all the withdraw requests and will eventually stop paying.

That is when the program will shut down.

If you have been burned by a scheme like this before then below is my recommendation to build a solid business that pays you every 2 weeks.

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