Content Creations Sucks and Why You Should Stop Doing It

Not to long ago in the distant past some Guru got the bright idea that content creation is the way to riches.

“Do a blog post a day” “Create one video every day”

I drank that kool aid and what did it get me? Nothing…

Ya sure I got good at typing, but my target audience didn’t increase.


Because I was acting like an amateur. Amateurs are out there grinding away, creating all this content, just hoping someone will read or watch it.

Look, let me just say this…

Content creation has it’s place, but only after you have built an audience with what the Professionals are doing.

To build your audience you have to get laser focus on the place they hang out at. Professionals know that and they build an audience that wants and needs there products.

Content creation alone will never do that for you.

Do want you to get out of the Minor Leagues and into the Majors? The minor league baseball players make no money and grind it out every year. The professional baseball players make all the money and relax as other people take care of all there stuff.

Do you want to be a professional in your coaching and consulting business?

That means you start creating an audience with facebook ads.

Do this…

Spend $10 per day sending people to an article just like this. Make sure you have the FB pixel on the page. Find the exact, and I mean the exact person you want to target. Then start running ads to attract them to your article.

After your audience starts to grow, then create content for them and send them to your strategy session to have them apply.

The content creation is after you build your audience, not before. Paying laser target ads is how to build our audience, not with endless amounts of content.

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