Discover 3 Ways To Attract At Least One New Client This Week Without Cold Calling or Blogging.


This whole marketing thingy online can be a real bear to deal with.

Do you keep asking yourself these questions?

Is my offer right?

Does my website message work?

Is my market even interested?

No worries, because there are only a few foundational principles you need to focus on. Because everything else will take care of itself.

1. No More Hope/Blind Marketing

This type of marketing I see all over. The gurus are telling you to create videos, blog post, podcasts, instagram, twitter feed.

So its no wonder that people are going crazy trying to figure this Internet Marketing stuff out. The whole content marketing myth is just that, a myth.

Creating a bunch of content for your blog is what I call the Bling Marketing. Because you are putting stuff out there trying to attack your audience. Your “Hoping” that people will come.

Do this form me…

Decide to deliberately direct people to your offers.

Drive qualified traffic to an established sales funnel.

Build your Authority through webinars and sales videos. This builds up Trust and shows You are the best solution.

Continue the relationship with your audience by following up with emails. They may not say Yes the first time, but over time they will.

2. Get in front of your Hungry Buyers

It Soooo important that you spend your time and energy on the right people. Just because they are in your industry, does not mean they are an ideal client.

You have different groups.

The tire kickers or “I dont know I have a problem

The window shoppers or “I may have a problem, I just dont know yet

The hunger pains are starting or “I am starting my search for a solution

The hungry salivating type or “I have a problem and I need it solved now

Who do you want to work with?

Well I would rather work with those that are Hungry and ready to make a change now.

You will find that these types of people in your target market are way more coachable and ready to join your program.

You find them by searching for what they are like, what they google daily, and what other programs have they tried.

3. Become the Premier Solution

When you become the Best solution out in your Market. You then step up to a different league.

You become the Ferrari of your industry. This separates you from all the other people in your market…

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