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Let me give you 2 scenarios here before I give you the Secret to getting facebook send you cheap and tons of fresh traffic.

You’re sitting at the bar minding your own business trying to watch the football game.

If football is not your sport, then just insert your favorite thing to watch on tv.

As you are enjoying yourself, the first individual (stranger) walks in and sits down next to you and starts talking.

You’re a little annoyed by this. In fact you are really annoyed by this guy. But being the polite person you are, you sit and listen.

[How To Generate 100 Fresh Leads From Facebook Without Any Marketing Skills]

He begins to talk about some crappy product he has, and how you are the perfect person for his product. Then after a few hours he makes no sale, and hands you his business card.

Not only would you never buy from him. But you would avoid this guy at all costs if you ever see him on the streets.


Ok, now walks in another individual (your friend) and he begins to talk to you about this cool new trick he is using with facebook ads.

At first I’m sure you are like “ok dude, whatever”, but he continues to give you more details and now you get excited because this new trick could work in your business.

He didn’t just give you some sales pitch, he spilled the beans on what it takes to get amazing lead flow with facebook.

And then at the end, your buddy says “let’s connect on facebook and chat some more”.

So at this point you would be totally open to that.

Well I’m sure these 2 scenarios are obvious, but this happens all the time with entrepreneurs trying to use facebook to generate lead flow.

Entrepreneurs become that creepy sales guy no one wants to be around.

So how do you change this?

[How To Generate 100 Fresh Leads From Facebook Without Any Marketing Skills]

What most people are doing is trying to send all facebook traffic straight into a lead capture of webinar registration. There is no relevancy and no real value given.

This is the Secret…

No one really cares about you on facebook until they get to know you.

No one cares about your stuff until they understand they have a problem that needs to be solved.

So the logical thing to do is get people to like you, and get people to understand that you have an answer to a problem they might be having.

How do you do it?

By creating an article like this and sending all your traffic there first.

But let’s back up a second here.

You might be saying to yourself, “but Tyler, content without any call to action is just wasted dollars on ads”

Yes I understand, but actually here is the real trick and secret.

Set up a retargeting pixel on your article and then show your lead magnet to the people that have consumed your article.

Once someone has consumed an article from you, and then they see an ad for your lead magnet. They naturally will say…

“I read something from him, I like him, and and I trust him, so I will now enter my name and email for more information”

This makes you a superstar in both the eyes of Facebook and to your new potential lead.

[How To Generate 100 Fresh Leads From Facebook Without Any Marketing Skills]

Facebook knows that people are spending more time on your website, so they give you a higher relevancy score, and then cheaper prices for each click.

Your new lead loves you because you’re offering real value and not just trying to sell them something.

Boom, Boom, now you are lead generating machine!

Try this and you will be amazed at the results. Not only will you get super cheap clicks, but your leads flow will increase 10x.

Go for it and see what happens…

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