How To Earn Money Online Without Any Investment


Is your back against the wall and you need to earn money online quickly?

Have you tried a lot of stuff online and nothing seems to be working?

If you are struggling and want to learn how to earn money online fast without spending any money then let me give you some suggestions.

But first let me say, stay away from the scams you see online.

I’m sure you have run across them. “Invest here and you can make 2% daily” “Invest bitcoins into this mining pool”

If you haven’t seen these yet, you will. These opportunities are only there to take your money. Trust me on this, I have lost big time with them.

How To Earn Money Online

So first off, how to earn money online is simply using “tried and true methods” that have worked since the internet first got started.

The first way to earn money online is finding stuff in your house you can sell.

What are you not using that you think has value? Actually just what you’re not using? Don’t worry if you think it has value or not. Someone else will give you value for it.

Once you find something in your house, then you want to sell it. Put it up on and connect your paypal account. When someone sees your offer and wants to buy, they will send you paypal, and you ship the product.

Maybe ebay is not your thing. No worries, take that same item and post it on craigslist.

If you post your item on craigslist ONLY meet up with real people in your local area. You will get messages from scammers who will say they will send a money order. Don’t do it, it’s a fake money order and will not cash.

So only meet up with real people using craigslist.

Now another amazing way to earn money online without any investment is to market products and services using affiliate marketing.

This does take some time and work, but it’s totally worth it.

First figure out a hot market. Hint is Fitness, Wealth, or Dating. Actually these are the 3 hottest niches.

And finding affiliate products to earn money online with is simple. Use either or to find products you can promote.

Then create either a blog you can create content around a hot niche. Or create videos on youtube around the same hot niche.

Build up a traffic base from google search and youtube. Then let people know to click on your link to get more info.

When someone clicks your affiliate link and buys the product, you earn money online. Yes you can make up to 75% or more from the sale of a product.

Amazon is another affiliate marketplace. But they don’t pay out as much % to affiliates. Now that does not mean you should not promote amazon products, but just know you can earn money online way more using clickbank or offervault offers.

And there ya go, I just have you 3 amazing ways to earn money online without spending any money.

So how to earn money online fast? Sell your stuff on ebay or craigslist. Build up a traffic base using a blog or youtube channel. Then get people to click on your affiliate link to make money.

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