Earn Upto $100 Per Day Taking Pictures {With Your Phone!}

Are you ready to make a quick $12 for 5 minutes of work?  If you are out and about on the town and want to make some extra cash, then this if for you.

I got a great app you can use on your smartphone to take pictures and make some extra cash working from home.

What is the App?

The app is called Field Agent and will lets people earn money doing simple tasks.   One can make between $3 – $12 per task taking pictures on their phone.

Client will contact Field Agent to get data about their products in local stores.  Then agents are sent out to take photos and give a quick survey.

Once you download the app you become an agent and part of the Field Agent team.   This now qualifies you to perform the tasks and make some extra side income.

How Do I Get Started?

Its simple to get started and we have broken it down into 6 steps.

1. Download the app from the IOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

2.  Once the app is downloaded just fill out the information like your name and email.  You will need to verify your email before accessing the app.

3.  Once you are logged in you can see a list of jobs.  They are organized by type so you can choose the best one for you.

4.  If you want to choose the jobs close to your area then click on the Map at the top.  You will see the locations of all the jobs in your area.   The red pins on the map are task you can perform with the Field Agent app.

5. Once you find a task that looks fun and you want to complete, just hit the Accept This Job.

6.  Let your account build up with income and when your ready to cash out, then hit the “cash out” tab.    When your ready to cash out Paypal is the option to get your money.


It takes around 7 days to get your money and there are no minimums to request your money.

How Much Can I Earn?

The amount you can earn will depend on your location.  Right now USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia are the only countries available to use this app.   Bigger cites will have a much larger range of task to perform.

It varies on the amount you will get per task.  Between $3-$12 is the what you can expect with each job performed.    But consider that it only takes 10 minutes of actual work, you will expect to see $20 per hour.

Kyle Yehnert from Miami has reported $575 since downloading the Field Agent app on his smartphone.   A stay at home mom Elizabeth has reported she can work 5 hours a day and earn $100.

These jobs get taken quickly so you should check the Google Maps to see what is available in your area.   Field Agent will limit the amount of people who can perform certain jobs.

One way to really maximize your income is to choose the highest paying jobs that are the closet to your location.  The higher payout jobs will payout will add up into your account at a much higher rate.

You can cash out anytime and there are no payout minimums.


If you are already out and about in your town,  give Field Agent a try as this could be a great extra source of income.   Its great for those who are stay at home moms, or people who want to make some extra cash on the side.

How much you make is going to depend on the location and job size. But expect to spend 10 minutes and make between $3-$12.

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