[Ep:84] What is the best webinar platform?

Webinar platforms come in many shapes and sizes. Plus size, medium, and small.

But there is one that stands out above the rest.

I mean if you are going to buy a sports car, your not going to buy some ford focus slow ass car.

No you are getting a Ferrari. Why? because its the best.

The quality in the car is great, its exclusive, and it just looks sexy.

You can get that in a webinar platform and the name is GotoWebinar

This service is the Ferrari of platforms. And just in case your not into sports cars.

This platform is the the Rolls Royce of cars.

Sure you can go with Google hangouts, connect it with services like Webinarjam and EasyWebinar. But you get what you pay for.

Google hangouts has a delay in the service so if you run a chat, then you will be answering people 30 seconds later.

And who really wants that?

So do yourself a favor and go with the best. Do a search for GoToWebinar and get the service.

Why? Because I told you to… ????

Now get your webinar up and running so you can start selling Big Ticket Programs!

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