Episode #63 – What was an early challenge you had to overcome?

There never is just one challenge that anyone has to overcome. There are so many. And challenges never go away.

But there is one challenge that stood above the others. And it took me a very long time to work through.

Buying traffic online is the only way to get up and running fast with your online business. Sure you can go the free route with blogging, videos, social media, but you will get burned out if that is all you do.

So buying traffic is the way to go. But that was the challenge I had to get over.

Sometimes when you are buying traffic you may lose a lot. And when I was starting online I was hoarding the little cash I had. I didn’t want to spend it for fear I would lose it.

If I spent $100 and got nothing from it, not even one optin, then I was crushed and would go back to trying free traffic sources again. And then waste another 6 months until I got the courage up to spend another $100.

But this process keep going on over and over.

So finally I just said, no matter what, I am spending something each week. I don’t care if it’s only $25 on traffic. And that is when things started to take off.

My challenge for a long time was fear of wasting money, or losing it and then have nothing. When I let go of that fear is when my business took off like a rocket ship.

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