Episode #66 – How do I know how much to spend on traffic?

When you’re first getting started and need to get some momentum going in your business, you should spend 100% on traffic.

I’m not sure your situation, because everyone is different, but you can’t get started broke, and expect to be making a lot of money quickly if you are not buying traffic.

The free route of building your traffic sources takes time and A Lot of patience.

Buying traffic also takes a lot of patience, but it can build up quickly when you are reinvesting 100% back into more traffic.

Then when you get to a point of buying a bunch of traffic, then start to only spend 70% of your profits.

30% of $40,000 per month is a big chunk of change.

Buying traffic online is a never ending process. It has to be done daily.

In the beginning of your online journey you will spend money on traffic that sucks and does not convert. We all do it, and it’s something you can’t avoid.

After you get through the learning process of the traffic sources that don’t convert, then you will be buying traffic that works.

That is when things really take off.

So I say spend it all when you are first getting started. You will need it. Then scale back to spending 70% of your profits.

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